What We Do

We are the premier Design, Build, & Maintenance landscaping company focusing on great quality, efficient costumer service, and raising the value of our customer’s home.


Landscape drawings are invaluable to creating a landscape that reflects your desires and lifestyle. We create designs that are easy to understand to help our customers visualize what their property will look like.

One of the greatest differences between landscape installation companies is in their creativity and ability to provide good landscape drawings. We are confident that you will see a distinct difference after meeting with one of our designers.

Our designers are also the contract managers. They will work with you and your crew to see that the design is properly installed as discussed and bid. This process is made easy and comfortable for you, because it eliminates the risk of losing any aspect of the design as you work through the entire process with the same person.

Sprinkler & Drip Systems

Efficient sprinkler and drainage systems that are built to last.

Our systems are designed for peak efficiency. We use proven products; we still have systems operating without any failure for over 35 years. Proper installation and use of an automatic sprinkler system will conserve our valuable water resources and ultimately save you money.

We use the most current innovations from the highest quality manufacturers. Then we train you to operate your system for maximum efficiency.

Patios and Walkways

Functionality can also add beauty to your landscape.

Patios and walkways, also known as hardscape, a Sanlino specialty.

Our craftsmen are specialists in masonry, wood, and stone. We install custom hardscapes that are both creative and beautiful, you will forget that it is designed for function. Our Installations include, but not limited to Patios, Decks, Retaining walls, Paths/ Walkways, & Other wooden structures.

Lighting Systems

When we install and design lighting systems we consider many factors to provide our customers with the most professional and useful system.

Security: Electronical-sensor lights will make your home look occupied when you are away and will discourage uninvited guests.

Safety: Pathways and other traffic areas can be lit so you can move about safely at night.

Accent: We design lighting that displays special plants and outdoor features so you can enjoy them after dark.

Energy Efficiency: Our low voltage systems are designed to light more and consume less power. With the innovation of LED lights we can now install systems that consume as little power as 15% of a comparable incandescent light.

Water Features

Creative use of water always makes an enjoyable centerpiece.

Enjoy the soothing sound and calming sight of falling water. Natural or artificial rocks and riparian plantings are used to help create a beautiful center-piece for your outdoor space.

We pay special attention to safety, durability, and ease of operation when we create our unique cascades, waterfalls, bubbling stones, formal fountains, and reflecting ponds.

Your feature will be designed and installed with attention given to safety, durability, and ease of operation.

Plants and Gardens

Creative use of plants brings life to your outdoor living space. Our landscaping brings balance to life and your environment.

  • Privacy and noise control
  • Enhancement to existing structures
  • Climate control
  • Harmony with other plants
  • A feature
  • Color accents for your landscape

Plant knowledge is the key. Because of our designers' education and experience, you are assured of a beautiful planting that will mature into a healthy and lasting investment.


We have a number of highly qualified technicians that are ready to help at a moment’s notice. If you are having issues with your sprinklers, lighting, ponds, or any other repairs that are needed, we are here to get them fixed for you.

Maintenance Services

We provide landscaping care that is true to our name. We believe in professional landscaping care that promotes healthy growing landscapes, not just grooming and cleaning.

Besides the basic grooming skills our crews are continually being trained in proper fertilization, weed and pest control, and water management.

We have attentive site managers that advise our customers on potential problems and possible site improvements.

We pride ourselves on management that knows who you are and is immediately available. We are committed to keeping it personal.

We believe that proper landscape maintenance will result in a positive environmental impact that increases over time and ultimately will raise the value of your property.

Who We Are

Our history date back to 1973 in Eugene, Oregon where founder, KM “Bud” See, earned his degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon. Upon graduation, Bud refined his design skills while crafting a superior level of workmanship spanning 20+ years in the field. In 1995, he founded Growco Landscaping Inc. in Oregon City, OR. Soon after, Dave Mayfield joined Growco and brought along his extensive horticultural knowledge and management experience. With Dave’s direction, Growco was solidified as one of Portland’s premier landscaping companies. By 2016, after more than two decades of success, Bud retired to spend more time with his family and Sanlino Landscape LLC acquired Growco.

With the help of steady leadership through Dave Mayfield, Sanlino Landscape has retained Growco’s reputation of high quality services as well as 100% of its original staff. Sanlino Landscaping’s goal is to deliver exceptional quality services while making use of technology to enhance the customer experience.

Dave Mayfield – General Manager

“What I love about landscaping is that every site is different and has its own unique strengths and challenges” says Dave Mayfield. “I get a great deal of satisfaction from using any knowledge and experience to create and maintain landscapes that my clients will enjoy for a life time”. Dave has over forty years of experience in the green industry. He started out by mowing lawns for friends of his grandmother when he was twelve and worked for local nurseries in Grants Pass during high school. He moved to Portland in 1977 after attending OSU to pursue a career in landscaping and has been with the company since the early 2000’s. Dave also is an experienced fisherman and wood worker.